Latest Patch Notes May 9

Latest Patch notes May 9

Check out all you need to know about all the Latest patch notes. From a brand-new game mode to many hero changes and some new added settings and bug fixes. EVENT UPDATES New Event – Starwatch: Galactic Rescue Battle for the fate of the galaxy in this new four-point Assault mode. Side with the Watcher […]

Season 4 Support Tier List

Season 4 Support Tier List

This is the ranking from the best to worst Support heroes currently during the Season 4 patch. There will be a simple explanation on why each hero is within the category chosen. This is the Season 4 Support Tier List. S- Meta Kiriko Kiriko despite her minor nerfs is still a very solid pick. Her […]

New Seaon 4 Patch Notes – April 11th,2023

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Latest patch notes for Season 4. Get to know about the new and latest changes the devs made to your favourite heroes. Patch notes: General Hero Changes Reinhardt General Sigma Accretion Cassidy General Magnetic Grenade Sombra EMP Ana Sleep Dart Brigitte Repair Pack Mercy Caduceus Staff Guardian Angel Valkyrie Moira Fade Coalescence Biotic Grasp Accessibility […]

Patch Notes – March 7th,2023

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GENERAL UPDATES Adjusted Distance Attenuation on Enemy Footsteps We missed a change in our Season 3 patch notes about some adjustments made to the distance in which you can hear enemy footsteps. We’ve continued to refine this change and have found a nice middle ground between where it was in Season 2 and where it […]