Torbjorn Icon overwatch 2

Overview Torbjörn, a Swedish engineer, possesses an extraordinary ability to develop and upgrade formidable turrets that can shield locations and assail foes, with a specialization in weapon creation and construction. In the game’s lore, Torbjörn played a crucial role in the Omnic Crisis, a time of conflict in which androids, also known as Omnics, revolted […]


Symmetra Icon overwatch 2

Overview Symmetra Known as Satya Vaswani is born in Hyderabad, India. She is a highly skilled architect and engineer, with a special talent for designing and manipulating hard light constructs. Her abilities allow her to create turrets, shields, and even teleporters, making her a valuable asset to any team. In the Overwatch universe, Symmetra initially […]


Sombra Icon overwatch 2

Overview Sombra, whose real name is Olivia Colomar, is a Mexican hacker and an elusive infiltrator in the world of Overwatch. Her background is shrouded in mystery, and her true motivations are often unclear. Sombra was first introduced as a playable character in Overwatch in 2016, and she quickly became a fan favorite due to […]

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 Icon overwatch 2

Overview Soldier: 76 is one of the original members of Overwatch, a multinational task force created to restore peace and stability to the world after the Omnic Crisis. As a highly skilled and experienced soldier, he was a key member of the team and played a significant role in its early victories. Soldier 76 was […]


Sojourn Icon Overwatch 2

Overview Sojourn is a Canadian hero and a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces. She was introduced to the Overwatch universe in the “Masquerade” comic released in 2017. Sojourn’s real name is Vivian Chase. In her youth, Sojourn displayed an aptitude for combat, and she was recruited into the Canadian military at a young […]


Reaper Icon Overwatch 2

Overview Reaper is a mercenary who was previously a member of Overwatch, a global peacekeeping force established by the United Nations. Reyes was one of the original members of Overwatch and served as the leader of the organization’s covert ops division. However, after a series of events, Reyes and Overwatch’s other leader, Jack Morrison (also […]


pharah icon Overwatch 2

Overview Pharah’s real name is Fareeha Amari, and she is the daughter of Ana Amari, another hero in Overwatch. Fareeha was born in Giza, Egypt, and her mother, Ana, trained her in combat and marksmanship from a young age. Fareeha excelled in her training and went on to join the Egyptian military, where she served […]


Mei Icon Overwatch 2

Overview Mei-Ling Zhou, better known as Mei, is a scientist and adventurer from China who made her first appearance in the original Overwatch game as a playable hero. Mei is a climatologist who was part of an international team stationed at an eco-watchpoint in Antarctica, conducting research on climate change and the effects of rising […]


Junkrat Icon Overwatch 2

Overview Junkrat is a volatile and unpredictable explosives enthusiast from the Australian outback, and he is known for his destructive abilities and irreverent attitude. According to his backstory, Junkrat’s real name is Jamison Fawkes, and he was once a renowned and skilled thief. He is also known to have heist’s with the hero RoadHog. Junkrat’s […]


Hanzo Icon Overwatch 2

Overview Hanzo is known for his exceptional archery skills, which he uses to take down his enemies from a distance, and for his ultimate ability, Dragonstrike, which unleashes a deadly dragon made of energy that damages and kills enemy players. Hanzo’s story continued in various Overwatch comics and animated shorts, which expanded on his backstory […]