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Echo’s Origin Story

Echo was created by Dr. Mina Liao, who was one of the founding members of Overwatch. Dr. Liao designed Echo to be a highly adaptable robot that could mimic the abilities of other heroes. This makes Echo a unique character in the game, as she can change her abilities on the fly to suit the needs of her team.

Echo’s first appearance in the Overwatch universe was in the “Reunion” animated short, where she was introduced as one of the former associates of Overwatch member Cole Cassidy. In the short, Cassidy takes down the notorious gang leader, Ashe and free’s Echo from inside the Payload.

Echo abilities

Health: 200


  • Move. speed:Horizontal: +50% buff
  • Vertical: 4 m/s (down)


  • Echo’s primary weapon fires three shots at once in a triangular pattern. It is particularly effective at close to medium range.
  • Damage:17 per pellet
  • 51 per shot
  • Projectile speed:75 meters per second
  • Num. of pellets:3
  • Rate of fire:0.3 second recovery
  • (3 shots per second)
  • Ammo:12
  • Reload time:1.5 seconds animation
  • Headshot:✓

Sticky Bombs

  • Echo’s secondary ability is the Sticky Bomb, which fires a cluster of bombs that stick to enemies and surfaces.
  • Damage:6 bombs
  • Impact: 5
  • Explosion: 25
  • Total: 180
  • Self: 12.5
  • Projectile speed:50 meters per second
  • Area of effect:2 meter explosion radius
  • Rate of fire:1 bomb per 0.064 seconds + 0.3 s. Recovery
  • Casting time:0.064 seconds for first bomb
  • 1 second (after stick)
  • Cooldown:6 seconds
  • Headshot:✕


  • Echo’s mobility ability is Flight, which allows her to fly in any direction for a short period of time. This ability can be used to gain a tactical advantage over enemies, reach high vantage points, or escape danger.
  • Move. speed:8 meters per second
  • Duration:0.2 seconds min. Duration
  • 3 seconds max. Duration
  • Cooldown:6 seconds

Focusing Beam

  • Echo’s third ability is the Focusing Beam, which deals increased damage to enemies with low health. This ability can be used to quickly eliminate weakened enemies or finish off enemies that are trying to escape.
  • Damage:50 per second
  • 175 per second (target <50% hp)
  • Max. range:16 meters
  • Casting time:0.16 seconds + 0.24 s. recovery after end
  • Duration:0.24 seconds min. Duration
  • 2 seconds max. Duration
  • Cooldown:8 seconds
  • Headshot:✕


  • Echo’s ultimate ability is Duplicate, which allows her to temporarily take on the form and abilities of an enemy hero. This can be incredibly powerful in the right situation, as Echo can use the enemy hero’s abilities to support her team or deal massive damage to the enemy team.
  • Max. range:40 meters
  • Casting time:1.24 seconds invulnerability
  • Duration:15 seconds
  • 1 second invulnerability while transform back
  • Ultimate generation: 4x
  • Ultimate cost:1690.5 points

Kit positioning

Damage Role

  • As a damage hero in Overwatch 2, Echo is designed to deal high burst damage and has mobility and versatility. Her abilities let her adapt to changing situations during team fights while moving around anywhere on the map.

Primary Weapon: Tri-Shot

  • Echo’s primary weapon, the Tri-Shot, that shoots a triangular shot. This makes her really useful at any range since she has no drop off on her shots.

Secondary Ability: Sticky Bombs

  • Echo’s Sticky Bombs fires a cluster of bombs that stick to enemies and surfaces, dealing damage over time. These bombs later blow up dealing a lot of damage. Sticky Bombs can be used to burst down both tanks and squishies alike.

Mobility Ability: Flight

  • Echo’s Flight gives her additional mobility, letting her fly in any direction for a short period of time. This lets her quickly reach high grounds or get around the map quickly and look for off angles. It can also be used to take duels while in the sky.

Utility Ability: Focusing Beam

  • Echo’s Focusing Beam ability deals increased damage to enemies with low health, making it a powerful tool for quickly eliminating weakened enemies or finishing off enemies that are trying to escape.

Ultimate Ability: Duplicate

  • Echo’s ultimate ability, Duplicate, lets her temporarily take on the form and abilities of an enemy hero. This can be really useful in the right situation, letting Echo use the enemy hero’s abilities to support her team or to take an essential ultimate since her ultimate charge rate while she is the duplicated hero is increased drastically.
  • Overall, Echo’s kit positioning focuses on her role as a damage hero who has a lot of mobility, versatility, and a lot of potential burst. Players who enjoy a more intricate playstyle with a focus on mobility and burst may find Echo to be a good fit for their team. Additionally, Echo’s abilities, such as Focusing Beam and Duplicate, give her burst potential and let her quickly adapt to changing situations during a team fight.

Basic Information

  • Real Name: Echo
  • Age: Classified
  • Nationality: Omnic
  • Occupation: Multirole adaptive robot
  • Voice actor: Jeannie Bolet
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