Junker Queen

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Junker Queen’s Origin Story

Junker Queen is one of the new heroes in Overwatch 2. She is the leader of Junkertown and is related to Junkrat and Roadhog, two of the series’ most iconic heroes. Junker Queen is a new addition to the game and has a unique set of abilities such as Scattergun, Jagged Blade, and more. She has a brawly and aggressive playing style and is considered to be a berserker tank. Junker Queen’s voice actress in the game is Australian-Sri Lankan actress, De Niese

Junker Queen’s Abilities:

Health: 450

Adrenaline Rush

  • Passive ability that allows Junker Queen to heal when she causes bleeding damage with Carnage, Jagged Blade, and her Ultimate ability, Rampage.
  • Heals Junker Queen with damage-over-time effects. 
  • Healing:200% of wound damage dealt


  • Junker Queen’s Primary gun which is Pump-action shotgun with a small spread that’s effective at short range.
  • Damage: 2.4 – 8 per pellet
  • 80 per shot
  • Falloff range:15 to 25 meters
  • Num. of pellets:10 pellets per shot
  • Rate of fire:0.75 seconds recovery
  • Ammo:8
  • Reload time:1.5 seconds
  • Headshot: ✓

Jagged Blade

  • Junker Queen’s melee attack with a knife. She can also throw the Knife and if she hits a target she deals a lot of damage and call pull the target forward when she pulls her knife back.
  • Quick Melee wounds enemies, increases the amount of bleed damage she can inflict.
  • Opening gambit for encounters where enemies are outside of shotgun or melee range.
  • Damage:Thrown impact: 50
  • Wound, thrown impact: 30 over 3 seconds
  • Wound, melee & return impact: 15 over 3 seconds
  • Projectile speed:30 meters per second
  • Projectile size: 0.20 meters
  • Casting time:0.11 seconds
  • Cooldown:6 seconds
  • Headshot:✕


  • Junker Queen’s ax That she swings dealing a lot of damage. This ability drops it’s cooldown per target she hits. She also applies Wound which can heal her due to her passive.
  • Allows Junker Queen to heal with Adrenaline Rush passive.
  • Damage:Impact: 90
  • Wound: 40 over 3 seconds
  • Max. range:5 Meters
  • Casting time:1 second
  • Cooldown:8 seconds


  • Junker Queen’s Ultimate ability. She rushes forward applying anti heal and applying Wound.
  • Causes 100 bleed damage to everyone hit and anti-heals for 6 seconds
  • Heal from the passive stacks for each person hit with bleed and recovers that HP over the course of 8 seconds.
  • She still gets the Healing if a target dies yet still has her wound applied to them.
  • Damage:100
  • Impact damage: 40
  • Wound damage: 60
  • Max. range:25 meters
  • Area of effect:5 meters
  • Casting time:0.72 seconds
  • Duration:4.5 seconds
  • Ultimate cost:2100 points

Kit Positioning

Tank Role

  • Junker Queen is a hero in Overwatch with a unique kit that allows her to deal damage and heal herself at the same time. Her abilities are designed to excel in different situations and scenarios.

Sustain Ability:Adrenaline Rush:

  • Passive ability that allows Junker Queen to heal when she causes bleeding damage.
  • Effective in situations where Junker Queen is outnumbered or taking damage over time.
  • Helps Junker Queen survive in battles that last a long time.

Utility Ability 1:

  • Melee attack with a knife that inflicts wound damage over time.
  • Good for opening engagements and catching enemies off guard.
  • Increases the amount of bleed damage Junker Queen can inflict, making it a valuable asset in battles where enemies are difficult to hit.

Offensive Ability:

  • Primary weapon that allows Junker Queen to heal herself when dealing wound damage.
  • Effective in close-quarters combat and situations where enemies are clustered together.
  • Provides sustain for Junker Queen in long battles where she is taking a lot of damage.

Primary Fire:Scattergun

  • Primary weapon that fires a spread of pellets, dealing high damage at short range.
  • Good for taking out enemies in close-quarters combat or when they’re grouped together.
  • Useful for breaking shields and barriers.

Utility Ability 2:

  • Ability that gives Junker Queen and nearby allies a boost, increasing their movement speed and healing them.
  • Useful for pushing through chokepoints or retreating from enemies.
  • Provides sustain for the team and can help keep them alive in intense battles.

Ultimate Ability:

  • Ultimate ability that deals 100 bleed damage to enemies and anti-heals them for 6 seconds.
  • Useful in scenarios where enemies are clustered together or when Junker Queen needs to take down high-health targets quickly.
  • Can be used to counter enemy healers and prevent them from healing their teammates.
  • Junker Queen’s role as a versatile tank hero who can deal damage from both range and up close, control enemy movements with bleed effects, and provide healing for herself and her team through Adrenaline Rush. Her shotgun, Scattergun, is effective at short range, while her melee weapon, Jagged Blade, can inflict wounds and increase her bleed damage output. Her ax, Carnage, and her Ultimate ability, Rampage, also cause bleed damage and allow her to heal with Adrenaline Rush. Additionally, her Commanding Shout ability provides a movement speed boost and healing for both herself and nearby allies. Players who enjoy a versatile damage hero with the ability to control enemy movements and provide healing for their team may find Junker Queen to be a good fit for their playstyle.

Basic Information

  • Real name: Odessa Dez Stone
  • Age: approx. 35-40
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Occupation:Gladiator champion (formerly)/Leader of Junkertown
  • Voice actress: Leah de Niese
Junker Queen’s Cinematic
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