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Lifeweaver Origin Story

LifeWeaver is a pansexual support hero with a unique toolkit that’s unlike anything seen before in Overwatch 2. The hero has an ability called Life Grip, which allows the user to shield and pull a teammate to their position. LifeWeaver’s arrival has been highly anticipated by many players and is predicted to shake up the game in Season 4 of Overwatch 2.

Lifeweaver’s Abilities

Health: 200

Lifeweaver Passive Parting Gift

  • On death, Lifeweaver drops a gift that heals the first enemy, or ally, to pick it up.
  • Healing:
  • Ally: 250
  • Enemy: 75
  • Duration:
  • 12 seconds

Healing Blossom

  • Lifeweaver can Hold to charge a healing burst. Release to heal a targeted ally.
  • Healing: Min: 10 Max: 65
  • Move. speed: -25% penalty
  • Projectile speed: 60 meters per second
  • Max. range: 30 meters (targeting)
  • Rate of fire: 1 second charge
    • .3 second recovery
  • Ammo: 12
  • Reload time: 1.5 seconds
  • Casting time: Starts out with a burst loaded with 10 health points
    • 1 second to fully charge 

Thorn Volley

  • Lifeweaver can Rapidly fire a spread of projectiles. Currently you have to switch between weapons between Thorn Volley and Healing Blossom to switch.
  • Damage: 5 per thorn
    • 2 thorns per shot
  • Spread angle: ? degrees
  • Projectile speed: 70 meters per second
  • Rate of fire: 11 shots per second
  • Ammo: 60
  • Reload time: 1.5 seconds
  • Headshot: ✓

Petal Platform

  • Lifeweaver Throws a platform that springs upwards when stepped on. Petal Platform can be triggered by both allies and enemies alike.
  • Health: 400
  • Projectile speed: 40 meters per second
  • Area of effect: ? meters rising
  • Casting time: ? second
  • Duration: ∞ (unused)
    • 10 seconds (after being triggered)
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

Rejuvenating Dash

  • Lifeweaver can Dash towards a traveling direction and lightly heal himself. Rejuvenating Dash can be used horizontal only.
  • Healing: 25 (self)
  • Max. range: 6.15 meters
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds

Life Grip

  • Pull an ally to your location, protecting them as they travel.
  • Prevents the target from taking crowd control and damage during the pull but does not cleanse debuffs applied beforehand.
  • This Ability can be used to Deny Abilities such as Tracer Pulse Bomb, Sigma Gravitic Flux, Roadhog Hook and Reinhardt’s Charge.
  • Max. range: 30 meters
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Tree of Life

  • Place a tree that instantly heals allies upon sprouting and continues healing periodically as it lives.
  • The Tree of Life has a hitbox of its own meaning it can be used to block chokepoints
  • Tree of Life can also be used to block Mei’s Blizzard or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux by blocking their center.
  • Health: 1000
  • Healing: 150 (Instant)
    • 50 per pulse
    • 1 pulse every 1.75 seconds (8 pulses)
  • Max. range: 30 meters (targeting)
  • Area of effect: 12 meters
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Ultimate cost:1860 points

Lifeweaver’s Kit Positioning

Support Role:

  • Lifeweaver is a support hero in Overwatch 2, designed to give a ton of utility and is designed around players game sense and utility. Lifeweaver’s abilities enable his teammates, while also ensuring his own survival, thereby providing crucial utility to his team.

Primary Weapons: Healing Blossom

  • Lifeweaver’s Healing is very slow and low when it comes to consistency and due to his ultimate being very strong using his Secondary Fire to charge it and swapping to healing in between is the preferred playstyle.

Secondary Weapon: Thorn Volley

  • Lifeweaver Secondary Weapon provides him with a lot of consistent damage, and it helps him charge his ultimate way faster than healing. His damage is also very high with consistent aim.

Utility Ability 1: Petal Platform

  • Lifeweaver’s Ability Petal Platform can be used to combine with many different abilities and ultimates. From Bastions Assault for or Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor and many more. This Ability can also be used to reach high grounds and pass certain chokepoints and get around different parts of the map.

Utility Ability 2: Life Grip

  • Lifeweaver’s Ability Life Grip is his primary ability that sets him apart from other supports. Like Baptiste’s Immortality Field or Kiriko’s Suzu, This ability is the primary reason people will pick this hero. Life Grip can negate many Abilities and Ultimates such as Gravitic Flux, Mei’s Blizzard if times correctly and Many more. Life Grip has a long cooldown so it needs to be used with that in mind.

Utility Ability 3: Rejuvenating Dash

  • Lifeweaver’s Rejuvenating Dash is mostly used to dodge certain abilities during a game. Rejuvenating Dash has very negligible healing so keep that in mind while using it. It can also be used Horizontally only.

Ultimate Ability: Tree of Life

  • Lifeweaver’s ultimate ability is Tree of Life, let’s him create a Tree that has an initial burst of healing and then ticks of gradual healing for people around it. This can also be used to block chokepoints or for cover since it has a huge health pool.
  • Overall, Lifeweaver’s kit positioning as a support hero emphasizes his ability to prioritize on damage, stay mobile, and provide crucial utility to hir team. Hir Thorn Volley lets him dash out consistent damage, and his Petal Platform and Rejuvenating Dash abilities allow him to be mobile around the map and provide her team a way to move around the map or use their abilities effectively. His Healing Blossom can be used to heal allies, and her Life Grip can save teammates from bad situations. Her ultimate, Tree of Life, lets hir give crucial support during a team fight or escape from danger and different Ultimates. With careful use of hir abilities and strategic positioning during team fights. Lifeweaver can be an invaluable to any team in Overwatch 2.

Lifeweaver’s Basic Information

  • Real Name: Niran “Bua” Pruksamanee
  • Age: 29
  • Nationality: Thai
  • Occupation: Scientist
  • Artist
  • Activist
  • Adventure
  • Voice Actress: Phuwin Tangsakyuen

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