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Mercy also known as Dr. Angela Ziegler, is a renowned Swiss doctor and scientist who specialized in the field of applied nanobiology. Her research led to the creation of the Valkyrie swift-response suit, which she designed to be used by emergency medical responders. Her suit included features like flight and healing technologies, which later became integral to her abilities as a hero in the game.

Mercy first appeared in the Overwatch animated short “Recall,” which was released on March 21, 2016. In the short, she is shown working at a hospital in Switzerland, treating patients affected by the Omnic Crisis. She is then approached by Winston, a fellow Overwatch hero, who wants her to rejoin the Overwatch organization to help combat a new threat.

Mercy’s Abilities

Health: 200

Sympathetic Recovery

  • Healing allies with Caduceus Staff heals you.
  • Healing: 25% of Healing Done

Angelic descent

  • While using Guardian Angel or while floating mercy can hold her jump key to float.
  • Move. speed: Vertical: 2 m/s (down)
  • Duration: Until canceled 

Primary Fire – Caduceus Staff:

  • Mercy’s primary fire allows her to heal allies by projecting a beam of light that Heals allies.
  • Healing: 55 per second
  • Max. range: 15 meters


  • She can also use her Caduceus Staff to damage boost a teammate with alt-fire.
  • Damage: +30% damage amplified


  • Mercy has a pistol that she can use to defend herself.
  • While her pistol does not deal a lot of damage, it can be useful in finishing off low hp enemies.
  • Damage: 20
  • Spread angle: Pinpoint.
  • Projectile speed: 50 meters per second
  • Area of effect: 0.25 meters radius
  • Rate of fire: 5 rounds per second
  • Ammo: 25
  • Reload time: 1.4 seconds.
  • Headshot: ✓

Guardian Angel:

  • Guardian Angel allows Mercy to fly to a teammate, helping her quickly reposition herself or reach teammates in need of healing or damage boost a key target.
  • This ability has a short cooldown, allowing Mercy to use it constantly in team fights.
  • Jump/Crouch cancels now keep the ability active for an additional 0.5 seconds (previously 1 second)
  • Stopping Guardian Angel with the ability input after using a jump or crouch no longer starts the cooldown sooner.
  • Move. speed: 17 meters per second
  • Max. range: 30 meters
  • Cooldown: 1.5 seconds


  • Resurrect is Mercy’s signature ability, which allows her to bring a fallen ally back from the dead.
  • Healing: Restores full health to a fallen ally
  • Move. speed: -75% penalty
  • Max. range: 5 meters
  • Casting time: 1.75 seconds
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Ult. charge gain: None


  • Valkyrie is Mercy’s ultimate ability, which empowers her and her Primary fire for a short duration.
  • While Valkyrie is active, Mercy’s beam chains to nearby allies, allowing her to heal or damage boost multiple teammates at once.
  • She can also fly freely and has increased movement speed, making her harder to hit and allowing her to dodge enemy Abilities and attacks.
  • Support role passive healing is active for the duration of Valkyrie
  • Damage: Chain-damage boost (30% per target)
  • Healing: 60 HP/s per target
  • Move. speed 9 m/s (omni-directional flight)
  • 25 m/s (Guardian Angel)
  • Projectile speed: 100 m/s (Blaster)
  • Max. range: 10 meters (chain healing)
  • +100% range (Guardian Angel, Caduceus Staff)
  • Ammo: ∞ (Blaster)
  • Casting time: 0.5 seconds animation
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Ultimate cost: 1820 points

Mercy’s Kit Positioning

Support hero

  • Mercy is a versatile support hero in Overwatch 2, she provides healing and damage boost to her teammates. Her abilities give her a resurrection ability, and mobility making her a really good hero in any team composition.

Primary Weapon: Caduceus Staff

  • Mercy’s Caduceus Staff lets her heal her teammates by beaming a stream of energy at them. This ability can be used to quickly heal low-health teammates, or to maintain the health of a high-priority target. The Caduceus Staff can also be used to damage boost teammates, increasing their damage output for however long she uses the damage boost. However, she cannot heal and damage boost at the same time so Mercy player’s need to know which to choose in any situation.

Mobility Ability: Guardian Angel

  • Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability allows her to quickly fly towards a teammate, making her an extremely mobile hero in a team fight. This ability gives Mercy the ability to quickly reach teammates who need healing or escape from danger, making her a hard to kill.

Passive Ability: Angelic Descent

  • Mercy’s Angelic Descent is a passive that lets her glide midair. This lets her stay in the sky longer and making her harder to dive.

Secondary Weapon: Caduceus Blaster

  • Mercy’s secondary weapon is the Caduceus Blaster which is a pistol that can be used to deal damage. While Mercy’s primary focus is on healing and damage boosting her teammates, the Caduceus Blaster can be used in 1v1 situations.

Utility Ability: Resurrect

  • Mercy’s Resurrect ability lets her bring a teammate back from the dead. This ability can be used to turn a a team fight around by bringing back a key player.

Ultimate Ability: Valkyrie

  • Mercy’s ultimate ability is Valkyrie, her ultimate let’s her fly freely and lets her heal and damage boost multiple people and her heal is increased. This lets her counter ultimates and to escape any dives or rushes directly on her while also giving a lot of healing and damage boost to her whole team.
  • Overall, Mercy’s kit positioning as a support hero emphasizes her ability to prioritize her targets, stay mobile, and provide crucial support to her team. Her Caduceus Blaster lets her defend herself when necessary, and her Guardian Angel and Angelic Descent abilities allow her to quickly reach teammates in need of healing or escape from danger. Her Caduceus Staff can be used to heal or damage boost allies, and her Resurrect ability can bring back a fallen teammate. Her ultimate, Valkyrie, can boost the effectiveness of all her abilities and let her give crucial support during a team fight or escape from danger. With careful use of her abilities and strategic positioning during team fights. Mercy can be an invaluable to any team in Overwatch 2.

Mercy‘s Basic Information

  • Real Name: Angela Ziegler
  • Age: 37
  • Nationality: Swiss
  • Occupation: Field medic
  • First responder
  • Voice Actress: Lucie Pohl
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