Mid-Season 3 DPS Tier List

these are the ranking from the best to worst DPS heroes currently during the Mid-Season 3 patch. There will be a simple explanation on why each hero is within the category chosen. This is the Mid-Season 3 DPS Tier List.

S- Meta


Cassidy with his recent damage reduction buffs and his Magnetic Gernade change from his previous Flashbang and his 25 hp buff has made him a very strong duelist that can win pretty much every duel in overwatch. That’s one of the reasons as to why Cassidy is in S Tier


Hanzo’s great mobility and his multiple styles of damage from one shotting like a sniper to a tank shredder makes him a versatile pick in any situation. That is one of the reasons as to why Hanzo is in S Tier.


Due to the mercy changes Pharah has drastically increased in her effectivity. Her overall Huge amount of consistent damage coupled with mercy’s new strengths with healing make her much more difficult to kill then before. Those are some of the reasons as to why Pharah is in S Tier.


Tracer’s Survivability and Independence from her supports and her team as a whole, her consistent up time in team fights coupled with her easy to obtain Ultimate makes her a very strong and reliable pick. Those are some of the reasons as to why Tracer is in S Tier.


Widowmaker is primarily an individual reliant hero, meaning she is as good as the player that’s piloting it. However, her skill ceiling is arguably the highest in all of overwatch and her potential is so great that she is included in the S Tier catagory.

A- Amazing


Echo is an all around very good character, her potential to burst down high hp targets and her mobility make her an incredible character. The reason she is A Tier is that her ultimate is very difficult to charge up and does not give enough value compensating the difficulty. That is one of the reasons why she is in A Tier.


Mei is a very strong pick in any brawly team composition, from her slow to her damage from her Alt-Fire and her wall that can negate a lot of play from the enemy. However, she is A Tier due to her being primarily good only in Brawly meta and cannot be flexed in other team compositions. That is one of the reasons as to why Mei is in A Tier.


Ashe is a very strong pick due to her consistency in different forms of damage, AOE damage from her dynamite and consistent headshots with her scoped shots. Her Ultimate is also very powerful engage and defensive tool. What makes her A Tier is she has a hard time winning duels solo and doesn’t do well short range. She also is a lesser version of what the S Tier heroes have to offer, A better duelist in Cassidy and a better Sniper in Widowmaker. Those are some of the reasons why she is in A Tier.


Despite some of the nerfs Junkrat is a very strong hero due to his one shot potential and a very strong ultimate if used correctly. He has consistent spam and mobility with his mines. However what makes Junkrat A Tier is his lack of belonging in any specific team composition and mainly works as just his own hero. That is one of the reasons as to why he is in A Tier.


Despite the many nerfs on to Sojourn she is still a very solid hero. From her Mobility to her very high Damage uptime and her Ultimate being a very strong win condition. However due to the nerfs she is a lesser version of herself Dropping from S to A Tier.


Torbjörn despite popular belief is a very strong hero. His Overload makes him virtually a second tank and his added attack and movement speed make him very hard to deal with. Due to the transition from 6V6 to 5V5 There is one less player to shoot the turret making it harder to deal with then before. Those are some of the reasons as to why Torbjörn is in A Tier.


Sombra after her rework has become a very strong hero. Her win condition Ultimate and her ability to teleport away makes it very hard for her to die in duels keeping her up time in a game very high. She also has a lot of damage due to the damage increase on her hack and can be used to burst down both tanks and squishies. Those are some of the reasons why Sombra is in A Tier.

B- Good


While Bastion is not good as other heroes he forced the enemy to have to play differently and adapt to him or they will lose. His High damage uptime while in Assault mode can make him hard to deal with in an uncoordinated setting. That is some of the reasons as to why Bastion is in B Tier.


Genji is the least strong Dive hero within the game due to his low damage consistency and more reliance on his one shot potential and resets. However, Genji’s ultimate can be a great win condition that can be used to win a team fight necessary to win the game. That is one of the reasons as to why Genji is in B Tier.

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is lower than the rest due to many other heroes having more damage in burst setting and his lack of utility. However his Visor can be a very strong win condition as well while he also can have a very consistent damage up time and an independence due to his heal and mobility. That is some of the reasons as to why Soldier 76 is in B Tier.

C- Bad


Reaper is very weak due to the fact that many other heroes do what he can do but better, from Mei and Cassidy brawling better than him and his need to get up close makes him a very bad hero. The reason he is in F Tier is due to his ultimate still being fairly strong and his really high damage when he can get really close in uncoordinated settings. Those are some of the reasons as to why Reaper is in C Tier.


Symmetra is a bad hero due to her lack of mobility and reliance on her Teleporter and that many of the other heroes having the capability to do what she wants to do way easier and better overall with Mei and Cassidy brawling better than her. However, her teleporter can still be useful on some maps due to her Teleporter like Lijang Tower making her not in F Tier. Those are some of the reasons as to why Symmetra is in C Tier.

F- Terrible

There are no F Tier heroes this patch because every DPS hero can be useful in certain situations. While some better than others every hero can have its spotlight!


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