Mid-Season 3 Tank Tier List

these are the ranking from the best to worst Tank heroes currently during the Mid-Season 3 patch. There will be a simple explanation on why each hero is within the category chosen. This is the Mid-Season 3 Tank Tier List.

S- Meta


Orisa is an S tier hero because of her relatively low cool downs on both her Energy Javelin and Javelin Spin. Her ability to cycle her abilities really efficiently with relative ease is one of my reasons as to why Orisa is in S Tier.

Wrecking ball

Due to the lower rate of crowd control, Wrecking balls speed and Adaptive shields he is very difficult to kill. Another reason is the fact that Wrecking ball’s Roll ability giving him no head hitbox is another major reason as to why Wrecking ball is in S Tier.


Ever since Ramattra’s movement speed buff on Nemesis he is still strong pick in the tank role. His ultimate despite the nerf is still very strong and can guarantee him a fight win if used correctly. He is also very difficult to punish due to his block ability and his nemesis cooldown being relatively low. Those are some of the reasons as to why Ramattra is in S tier.

A- Amazing


Reinhardt after his buff on firestrike and Charge abilities has become a very strong tank to face. While he is not S tier he can be useful in many different situations and can thrive due to his newfound mobility in overwatch 2. That is some of the reasons as to why Reinhardt is in A Tier.

Junker Queen

Due to her many buffs on Carnage, her health and her passive Adrenaline made her a much stronger tank then her counterparts. Her ability Shout also gives a lot of stats from movement speed to health it can be a game changer. These are some of the reasons as to why Junker Queen is in A Tier.


Doomfist is one of the most mobile characters in the game. His charged-up punch has huge potential and his Seismic Slam can help him reach anywhere he wants on the map. His ultimate can be used as a get ouf of jail free card while also giving him a lot of Overhealth if he lands on multiple enemies while also giving him empowered punch. These are some of the reasons as to why Doomfist is in A Tier.

B- Good


While Sigma is not as good as his counterparts he has his place on specific long-range maps that he can be really effective in. Maps like Havana and Circuit Royale are among the maps that he excels at. However he lacks impact on most maps due to them having tight spaces that more brawly tanks excel at. Those are some of the reasons as to why Sigma is in B Tier.


D.va is still pretty strong however her ultimate is arguably weaker than all the other tanks. Her reliance on teammates to dive with her can be a disadvantage more often than not. Those are some of the reasons as to why D.va is in B tier.

C- Bad


Winston is arguable a lesser version of ball. From his more limited range of diving, way less tankiness and damage output during the dive and his large hitbox make him hard to pick over the other tank heroes. These are some of the reasons as to why Winston is in C Tier.


After the change to Roadhog limiting his 1 shot potential has made him drastically unplayable. His buff on his hook made him better into very niche situations however in most cases he is terrible. His huge hitbox and lack of armor in his healthpool is one of the reasons as to why Roadhog is in C Tier.

F- Horrible

Zarya due to some of her nerfs and the fact she is arguably the squishiest tank in the game. Her reliance on her bubbles to give her damage. Her ultimate having many different counters form Transcendence and Beat to Kiriko’s Suzu has drastically lost it’s power. These are some of the reasons as to why Zarya is in F tier.


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