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Fareeha Amari, also known as Pharah, is the progeny of another Overwatch hero, Ana Amari. Born in Giza, Egypt, Fareeha received comprehensive martial training in combat and marksmanship from her mother, Ana, beginning in her early days. With an excellent record in her training, she joined the Egyptian military and became a skilled helicopter pilot before eventually being recruited into Overwatch.

Pharah was an esteemed member of Overwatch, revered for her unparalleled proficiency in aerial combat, utilizing a jetpack to navigate the skies while decimating foes with rockets. However, during the events that led up to Overwatch 2, Pharah’s departure from the organization under unknown circumstances remains shrouded in mystery.

Pharah embodies an unyielding sense of duty and an unwavering commitment to justice. She is a born leader and earns the respect of her peers for her bravery and unrelenting determination. Despite her stern exterior, Pharah values her team greatly and is willing to put herself in harm’s way to shield them from danger.

Pharah’s Abilities

Rocket Launcher:

  • Pharah’s primary weapon is a rocket launcher that fires a series of explosive rockets. This is a powerful weapon that can deal significant damage to enemies.
  • Damage: Direct hit: 120
  • Explosion: 24.6 – 80
  • Self: 12.3 – 40
  • Spread angle:Pinpoint
  • Move. speed:+4 meters per second (enemy after direct hit)
  • Projectile speed:35 meters per second
  • Area of effect:2.5 meter radius (explosion)
  • 0.2 meter radius (projectile)
  • Rate of fire:0.85 seconds recovery
  • recovery stops while using melee
  • Ammo:6
  • Reload time:1.5 seconds animation
  • Headshot: ✕

Jump Jet

  • Pharah can use her Jump Jet ability to launch herself into the air, giving her an aerial advantage over her enemies. This is a useful ability for reaching high places or escaping dangerous situations.
  • Move. speed:23.3 meters per second
  • Max. range:11.55 meters vertically
  • Duration:0.5 seconds
  • Cooldown:10 seconds
  • Max. range:11.55 meters vertically
  • Duration:0.5 seconds
  • Cooldown:10 seconds
  • Note: This ability can be used with directional inputs (can go upwards, downwards, right, left)

Hover Jets

  • Once in the air, Pharah can use her Hover ability to stay aloft for a short period of time. This can be useful for staying out of reach of ground-based enemies, or for lining up shots from above.
  • Move. speed:+20% buff
  • 4.11 meters per second (vertically)
  • Duration: Up to 2 seconds

Concussive Blast

  •  Pharah can use her Concussive Blast ability to create a small explosion that knocks back enemies and objects in the area. This can be used to disrupt enemy formations or to create openings for her team to exploit.
  • Damage:30 (direct hit)
  • Move. speed:20 meters per second (booped target)
  • Projectile speed:60 meters per second
  • Area of effect:8 meter radius
  • Casting time:0.16 seconds for throw + 0.5 seconds recovery for shoot
  • Cooldown:9 seconds
  • Headshot: ✕


  • Pharah’s ultimate ability is Barrage, which unleashes a torrent of rockets that rain down on her enemies. This is a devastating attack that can quickly eliminate multiple enemies if used correctly.
  • Damage:Direct hit: 40
  • Splash: 9 – 30
  • Self: 4.5 – 15
  • Move. speed:Caster immobilized
  • Projectile speed:45 meters per second
  • Area of effect:2 meter explosion radius
  • Rate of fire:30 rockets per second
  • Duration:2.5 seconds
  • Headshot:✕
  • Ultimate cost:2000 points

Pharah’s Kit positioning

Damage Role:

  • As a damage hero in Overwatch 2, Pharah is designed to be a versatile and deadly aerial threat who can deal significant damage to enemies from above. Her abilities emphasize her role as a mobile rocket launcher, with a focus on mobility, area denial, and offensive capabilities.

Primary Weapon: Rocket Launcher

  • Pharah’s primary weapon is a rocket launcher that fires explosive rockets. Rocket Launcher has do damage fall off so it can deal a lot of damage from any range. The rockets have a splash damage effect, so you can fire next to an enemy and still deal some damage.

Mobility Ability: Jump Jet and Hover

  • Pharah’s Jump Jet lets her launch herself into the air, while Hover lets her stay afloat for a decent amount of time. This gives her an aerial advantage over her enemies, letting her reach high grounds and fight from the sky. Pharah can also use these abilities to flank enemies from off angles or to line up shots from above.

Utility Ability: Concussive Blast

  • Pharah’s Concussive Blast creates a small explosion that knocks back enemies and can deal a small amount of damage when hit directly. This can be used to spread the enemy apart creating openings for her team or push enemies off ledges.

Ultimate Ability: Barrage

  • Pharah’s ultimate ability, Barrage, unleashes a huge number of mini rockets that rain down on her enemies. This is a deadly ultimate that can quickly eliminate multiple enemies due to it’s high damage uptime if used correctly. Pharah can use her mobility to position herself above her enemies before activating Barrage, making it more difficult for enemies to avoid the attack.
  • Overall, Pharah’s kit positioning as a damage hero emphasizes her role as a mobile rocket launcher who can deal significant damage to enemies from above. Her kit provides her with a range of offensive and defensive capabilities that can be used strategically to control the team fight and eliminate high-value targets. Pharah requires precise positioning and timing to use her abilities effectively, but in the hands of a skilled player, she can be a powerful asset to any team.

Pharah’s Basic Information

  • Real Name: Fareeha Amari (فاريها عماري)
  • Age: 32
  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Occupation: Security chief
  • Voice actor: Jen Cohn
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