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Reaper is a mercenary who was previously a member of Overwatch, a global peacekeeping force established by the United Nations. Reyes was one of the original members of Overwatch and served as the leader of the organization’s covert ops division. However, after a series of events, Reyes and Overwatch’s other leader, Jack Morrison (also known as Soldier: 76), became bitter enemies.

Reyes was thought to have died in an explosion that destroyed Overwatch’s headquarters, but he survived and underwent a radical transformation. He now wears a black hood and mask and wields two shotguns that can deal massive damage at close range. He also has the ability to teleport short distances and become invulnerable for a short period of time.

Reaper’s Abilities

Health: 250

The Reaping

  • Whenever Reaper deals damage with his shotguns, he also recovers a portion of his health, making him more resilient in combat.
  • Healing:35% of damage dealt

Hellfire Shotguns

  • Reaper’s primary weapons are two shotguns that deal massive damage at close range, making him a formidable opponent in close quarters combat.

  • Damage:1.62 – 5.4 per pellet
  • 36 – 108 per shot
  • Falloff range:10 to 20 meters
  • Spread angle:7
  • Num. of pellets:20 per shot
  • Rate of fire:0.496 seconds recovery
  • Ammo:8
  • Reload time:1.5 seconds animation
  • Headshot:✓

Wraith Form

  • This ability allows Reaper to become invulnerable and quickly move in any direction, which can help him escape dangerous situations or reposition himself for a surprise attack.

  • Move. speed:+50% buff
  • Max. range:24.75 meters
  • Duration:0.4 seconds min. duration
  • 3 seconds max. duration
  • 0.4 seconds recovery
  • Cooldown:8 seconds

Shadow Step

  • With this ability, Reaper can teleport to a targeted location, which can be useful for flanking enemies or getting to hard-to-reach areas of the map.

  • Max. range:35 meters
  • Casting time:0.992 s. + 1.008 s. invulnerability + 0.096 s. recovery
  • Duration:2 seconds
  • Cooldown:10 seconds

Death Blossom

  • This ultimate ability allows Reaper to spin in a circle and fire his shotguns in all directions, dealing massive damage to all enemies in range.

  • Damage:170 damage per second (per target)
  • Move. speed:-50% penalty
  • Area of effect:8 meter radius
  • Duration:3 seconds
  • Headshot:✕
  • Ultimate cost:1930 points

Kit positioning

Damage Role

  • As a damage hero in Overwatch 2, Reaper is designed to be a close-range threat who can deal significant damage to enemies while also having some survivability tools to help him stay in the fight. His kit emphasizes his role as a deadly and elusive assassin who can quickly eliminate high-value targets.

Primary Weapon: Hellfire Shotguns

  • Reaper’s primary weapons are two shotguns that deal massive damage at close range. These shotguns can quickly eliminate most heroes in Overwatch 2 with just a few well-placed shots.

Mobility Ability: Wraith Form

  • Reaper’s Wraith Form ability lets him become invulnerable and quickly move in any direction, giving him a great escape. Wraith Form is used to disengage when you’re low hp. It’s important to use this ability at the right time to avoid death.

Utility Ability: Shadow Step

  • Reaper’s Shadow Step lets him teleport to any location on the map. Shadow Step is used to flank enemies, get to high grounds around the map. It’s important to time Shadow Step with the enemy team’s positioning in mind, as it has a long cast time and can leave Reaper vulnerable.

Passive Ability: The Reaping

  • Whenever Reaper deals damage with his shotguns, he converts a part of that damage to healing. This passive makes Reaper more resilient during team fights and duels, letting him survive longer in fights and win duels vs tanks.

Ultimate Ability: Death Blossom

  • Reaper’s ultimate ability, Death Blossom, lets him spin in a circle and fire his shotguns in all directions, dealing massive damage to all enemies in range. Death Blossom can quickly eliminate multiple enemies if used correctly, making it a powerful ultimate for team fights.
  • Overall, Reaper’s kit positioning as a damage hero focuses on his role as a close-range tank buster who can quickly duel tanks. His kit gives him with a range of mobility and survivability tools that can be used to take duels whenever he wants and disengage whenever he pleases as well. Reaper requires precise timing and positioning to be effective, but in the hands of a skilled player, he can be a devastating force in team fights.

Basic Information

  • Real Name: Gabriel Reyes
  • Age: 58
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Police officer (formerly)
  • Soldier (formerly)
  • Strike commander (formerly)
  • Blackwatch agent (formerly)
  • Mercenary
  • Talon field agent/council member
  • Voice Actor: Keith Ferguson
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