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Reinhardt’s Cinematic Short

Reinhardt is a prominent hero in Overwatch 2, he is a former Crusader knight who returned from retirement with his power armor and rocket hammer to protect the innocent and uphold justice.

Reinhardt’s backstory is introduced in the original Overwatch game, where he is depicted as a veteran of the Omnic Crisis, a global war between humans and robots. He was a member of the Crusaders, a group of elite soldiers who fought against the Omnics alongside the original Overwatch team. During one of the battles, Reinhardt was severely injured, and his fellow Crusader, Balderich von Adler, sacrificed himself to save him. This event had a profound impact on Reinhardt, inspiring him to continue Balderich’s legacy and become a hero in his own right.

Reinhardt’s Abilities

Health: 350
Armor: 250

Rocket Hammer

  • Reinhardt’s main weapon is a rocket hammer that deals devastating melee damage to his enemies.
  • Damage:85
  • Max. range:5 meters
  • Rate of fire:1 swing per 0.96 seconds
  • Casting time:0.416 seconds (initial swing)
  • Duration:0.208 seconds (dealing damage)
  • Headshot:✕

Barrier Field

  • Reinhardt can deploy a large energy barrier that provides cover for him and his teammates from enemy fire.
  • Health:1200
  • Healing:Regenerates 144 barrier health per second, after being down for 2 seconds
  • Move. speed:-30% penalty
  • Area of effect:Height 4.250 meters. Width 6.800 meters.
  • Casting time:0.1 seconds + 0.27 seconds recovery for reuse
  • Cooldown:5 seconds if destroyed


  • Reinhardt can charge forward, damaging and knocking back any enemies in his path.
  • Damage:Pinned to a wall: 225
  • Bump with no pin: 50
  • Move. speed:+200% buff
  • Max. range:49.5 meters
  • Casting time:0.6 seconds
  • Duration:3 seconds
  • 0.5 seconds recovery if pin the wall
  • 0.65 seconds stun for pinned target
  • Cooldown:7 seconds

Fire Strike 

  • Reinhardt can launch a fiery projectile that deals damage to any enemy it hits.
  • Damage:100
  • Projectile speed:25 meters per second
  • Casting time:0.5 seconds for throw + 0.62 s. recovery
  • Cooldown:6 seconds
  • 2 charges
  • Headshot:✕


  • Reinhardt’s ultimate ability is Earthshatter, where he slams his rocket hammer into the ground, causing a shockwave that knocks down and damages all enemies in front of him.
  • Damage:50 + 120 if within 1.75m
  • Max. range:20 meters
  • Area of effect:height 1.770 meters
  • Casting time:0.45 seconds
  • Duration:2.75 second knock down
  • 0.2 seconds recovery for move
  • 0.5 seconds recovery for ability
  • Ultimate cost:1650 points

Kit Positioning:

Tank Role:

  • Reinhardt is a tank hero in Overwatch 2, His role is primarily a Rush Or Brawl style hero that is primarily picked to rush down his enemy with his team. His abilities compliment his playstyle strongely.

Primary Weapon: Rocket Hammer

  • Reinhardt’s primary weapon is the Rocket Hammer, a melee weapon that deals a decent amount of damage up close. This weapon can hit multiple enemies and has a decent reach at close range so Reinhardt and his team are always looking to close the distance so that he can be deal consistent damage.

Mobility Ability: Charge

  • Reinhardt’s Charge lets him quickly charge forward, pinning an enemy if he hits one while charging. Charge lets Reinhardt close the distance with enemies and create space for his team. This can also be used to reach different places around the map quickly and to bait abilities.

Utility Ability 1: Barrier Field

  • Reinhardt’s Barrier Field lets him deploy a large, rectangular barrier that can absorb a huge amount of damage. This barrier is used to protect Reinhardt and his teammates from enemy fire and abilities, letting his team pass between chokepoints and rollout safely.

Utility Ability 2: Fire Strike

  • Reinhardt’s Fire Strike launch’s a fiery projectile that passes through enemies and barriers, dealing damage to all targets it hits. Fire strike is used to deal damage to anyone that is out of Reinhardt’s range. Fire Strike has 2 charges and a low cooldown so using it consistently helps him build his ultimate.

Ultimate Ability: Earthshatter

  • Reinhardt’s ultimate ability is Earthshatter, Reinhardt slams his hammer into the ground, creating a shockwave that stuns and knocks down all enemies in front of him. Earthshatter is used for multiple different reasons depending on situations. It can be used to shut down enemy playes like Dragon Blade or Overclock. It can be used to create team wipes with a 5 man shatter or to shatter a specific hero to create a snowball and win the teamfight.
  • Overall, Reinhardt’s kit positioning as a tank hero focuses on his ability to protect his team and create space during teamfights. His Rocket Hammer lets him deal consistent damage to enemies within his hammer’s range and Charge is used to close the distance with enemies or to move around the map quickly. His Barrier Field can absorb a huge amount of damage and protect his teammates and his Fire Strike is used to deal damage to enemies from a distance and to help him charge his ultimate. His ultimate, Earthshatter, can stun and knock down all enemies in front of him, giving his team a chance to punish whoever is caught. Reinhardt is really useful for teams looking to play Rush/Brawl style team composition.

Basic Information

  • Real Name: Reinhardt Wilhelm
  • Age: 61
  • Nationality: German
  • Occupation: Crusader (formerly)
  • Overwatch agent (formerly)
  • Adventurer
  • Voice actor: Darin De Paul
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