Season 4 DPS Tier List

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Season 4 DPS Tier List

these are the ranking from the best to worst DPS heroes currently during the Season 4 patch. There will be a simple explanation on why each hero is within the category chosen. This is the Season 4 DPS Tier List.

S- Meta


Sombra after her Buffs the past 2 patches giving her the abillity to disable more ultimates than before made her better and better. her ability to take constant advantages with every duel with hack and invisibility and a game winning ultimate makes her extremely underrated. Those are some of the reasons as to why Sombra climbs to S Tier.


Echo despite her lack of changes is extremely underrated pick. With her Strong Beam’s Ability to burn tanks and her ultimate not being used to its fullest potential due to people being used to just copying tanks. With smarter use of her mobility and ultimate she’s more underrated than people realize. Those are some of the reasons as to why Echo climbs to S Tier.


Despite his nerfs on his health and Magnetic Grenade, Cassidy is still one of the best duelers in the game while also having burst on his right click and his ultimate is very strong if the enemy lacks any crowd control abilities. Those are some of the reasons as to why Cassidy stays in S Tier.


Tracer was not impacted at all with the patch notes and still keeps her reasons as to why she is S Tier. Her Ultimate is also still easily charged and can guarantee a pick if used correctly. That’s the reason as to why Tracer stays in S Tier.


Widowmaker hasn’t been effected by the patch and still has the same strengths as always similar to Tracer. Her Skill ceiling is still very high and she heavily relies on her mechanical skill. That’s the reason as to why Tracer stays in S Tier.

A- Amazing


Mei is still the best pick to play with Brawl compositions and she can play into other compositions quite well as well. The changes to Sombra makes her a little bit weaker due to the EMP threath. However, it does not stop her from still being a very solid pick. Those are the reasons as to why Mei stays in A Tier.


Hanzo, while still being very solid still his Ultimate in Ranked is a lot less reliable and requires a lot more coordination than is expected. That’s the reason as to why Hanzo drops to A Tier.


Ashe’s Dynamite and Coach Gun is very useful from giving her solid AOE damage and her gun’s strong single target damage as well makes her an all round solid pick. B.O.B is also very useful in a lot of situations. Those are the reasons as to why Ashe stays in A Tier.


Pharah due to the mercy’s change to double healing is more susceptible to dying than last patch. Her counters also being very strong currently makes her harder to play. However, her consistent damage and strong ultimate still make her very strong. Those are the reasons as to why Pharah drops to A Tier.


Sojourn amazingly did not get nerfed yet again keeping her to her similar strength level. Her strong amount of burst makes her just as strong as last patch. Those are the reasons as to why Ashe stays in A Tier.

B- Good

Soldier 76

Like last patch Soldier 76 is a solid pick and a very strong win condition with his ultimate. However, like last patch his kit unfortunately doesn’t match some of the other heroes higher than him. His kit does not bring anything but consistent damage that lacks any utility. That is the reason as to why Soldier 76 stays in B Tier.


Torbjörn relies too much on his overload, while yes very strong similar to bastion once baited out is just very weak hero overall. His turret can also be destroyed before the fight starts making him take a team fight without an ability. Those are the reasons as to why Torbjörn drops to A Tier.


Bastion just like last patch relies too much on his Assault form while being incredibly strong his whole kit is built around that and once baited out is a sitting duck, he also has the biggest hitbox of any DPS in the game. Those are the reasons as to why Bastion stays in B Tier.


Symmetra’s immobility relies on her Teleporter too much. However, her teleporter does provide her with a good amount and her alt fire is very strong poke. Her turrets while not very strong can be nuisance to deal with and sometimes even finish off some kills. Those are the reasons as to why Symmetra climbs to B Tier.

C- Bad


Due to the nerfs Junkrat received making him way harder to get 1 shots with his Concussion Mine and his Trap not really providing any active potential crowd control and basically just relying on the enemy stepping into it makes him a very weak hero to play. Those are the reasons as to why Junkrat Drops to C Tier.


Genjis overall kit and damage is very underwhelming. His ultimate is also countered by almost the whole roster from movement abilities to defensive abilities and ultimates. It heavily relies on individual skill of the genji and the hero as a whole being not worth picking to begin with. Those are the reasons as to why Genji Drops to C Tier.

F- Horrible


Despite no changes to Reaper his identity in the game has been lost. There are much better tank busters over Reaper and his Abilities are very underwhelming and once used he becomes a very weak target as well. His Ultimate also just relies on the enemies basically either dying quickly or him being caught completely stuck, because he can’t cancel it midway through. Those are the reasons as to why Reaper Drops to F Tier.


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