Season 4 Support Tier List
Season 4 Support Tier List

This is the ranking from the best to worst Support heroes currently during the Season 4 patch. There will be a simple explanation on why each hero is within the category chosen. This is the Season 4 Support Tier List.

S- Meta


Kiriko despite her minor nerfs is still a very solid pick. Her pick potential with her Kunai and her endless interactions with Suzu makes her very strong. Her mobility is also very solid and so is her healing potential. She is an all-rounder and works in every team composition. Those are the reasons as to why Kiriko Remains in S Tier.


Ana is slowly becoming more prominent due to the potential of sleeping high value targets like a nanod Winston and her potential to make plays with Nade is very strong due to Kiriko being a bit less picked in Ranked as a whole. Despite her lack of mobility her skill ceiling can be very high. Those are some of the reasons as to why Ana increases to S Tier.

A- Amazing


Lucio is a very solid pick due to his unique ability with Speed boosting teammates for rotations. While in ranked he is a little weaker due to lack of coordination and requires more skill than most supports, his ability to peel is very strong and the whole teams movement can be changed according to him. However, Lucio requires a huge range of both practice and mechanical skill to make him a solid carry in ranked. That is the reason why Lucio Remains in A Tier.


Baptiste is also a very solid pick ranging from his consistent dps and heal output and providing Utility to his team with Immortality and his self-survivability being very strong due to his Regenerative Burst. However, Baptiste is mainly good in Brawl style team compositions and doesn’t get as much value in other team comps but he is still useful with the right player on it. Those are the reasons as to why Baptiste stays in A Tier.


Zenyatta while mostly being a very glass cannon pick can be very strong when peeled and played correctly. His ability to Discord enemy tank and make them susceptible to constant increase of 25% damage helps his team take constant space. Zenyatta with a bit of mechanics can bring a ton of value to a team adding his Ultimate Transcendence that can shut down most potential win conditions the enemy has. Those are the reasons as to why Zenyatta Increases to A Tier.


Brigitte got the biggest and most changes in this patch. From her Ultimate mini rework to some changes to her packs. She was already a solid hero against dive due to her Whip Shot and mobility from her Shield Bash. With her improvements to her Ultimate is much more of a solid pick overall. Those are some of the reasons as to why Brigitte increases to A Tier.

B- Good


Mercy’s nerf to her double healing on less than 50% hp targets and her nerf to most of her tech with Guardian Angel made her a less prominent pick overall. She is still solid at what she does with Damage Boosting certain heroes like Pharah, Sojourn, Soldier 76, Cassidy. Her overall strength definitely took a turn for the worst. Those are the reasons as to why Mercy Drops to B Tier.


Lifeweaver despite his few buffs, while having a very solid Utility, his overall damage and healing numbers are weaker than most other heroes he is competing with. He needs further buffs to become more solid. However, his Utility is very strong, so he still isn’t fully bad. Those are some of the reasons as to why Lifeweaver is in B Tier.

C- Bad


Moira’s lack of utility and her whole kit being based on just heals and damage makes her a very unreliable pick. Since she can’t make teammates immortal or help them live unlivable situations makes her very subpar. However, due to her buffs to her healing and her ability to not be able to reposition while using Coalescence makes her a bit stronger than before. Those are the reasons as to why Moira increases to C Tier.

F- Tier

Due to the many buffs the weaker supports received there is no F Tier hero in the support Category and every hero can be played in certain situations.


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