Season 4 Tank Tier List

This is the ranking from the best to worst Tank heroes currently during the Season 4 patch. There will be a simple explanation on why each hero is within the category chosen. This is the Season 4 Tank Tier List.

S- Meta

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball Still remains S Tier. Wrecking ball similar to tracer is self-reliant during dives and therefore a safer and more consistent pick. Due to the nature of ranked being chaotic Wrecking Ball that’s some of the reasons as to why Wrecking Ball Remains in S Tier.


Ramattra due to her nature of getting a ton of armor from her nemesis form, her constant uptime of Nemesis due to a low cooldown and her very strong ultimate that is a huge win condition and a lack of any nerfs. Those are some of the reasons as to why Ramattra Remains in S Tier.


Sigma despite his nerf and the lower ranking of the previous Tier List is the best pick for any poke composition. His consistency in teamfights whether its blocking crowd control and peeling for his team with his Rock and his consistent damage makes him the best pick for Poke style compositions. Those Some of the reasons as to why Sigma Increases to S Tier.

A- Amazing


Reinhardt despite his nerfs on his reduction with armor and increased hp and overall lower total HP. Despite those changes Reinhardt is still very strong with Brawl comps. His ability to make space is still the same overall. That is why Reinhardt Remains in A Tier. has increased to A Tier due to her burst potential and consistent uptime with Defense Matrix and Boosters. also has the best Peeling in the game which makes her a very good pick against Dive compositions like Wrecking Ball and Winston. That is why Increases to A Tier.


Winston’s Ability to Make coordinated and consistent dives is overall better than wrecking balls due to him having a shield and being able to poke now with his Secondary Fire. His Ultimate also allows him to committee to hard engages and then pop it to regain HP and deal consistent damage and knockback if done correctly. That is why Winston Increases to A Tier.

B- Good


Doomfist drops to B due to the fact it’s mostly a 1 trick hero. While he is still the same and very good 1 tricks are the only ones who played him at his highest. Due to his high Skill Floor, Winston and do what Doomfist wants to do but easier. He’s also susceptible to Crowd Control Abilities meanwhile, and Winston have different Abilities to deal with them. That is why Doomfist Decreases to B Tier.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen is too reliant on her shout making her a very hard hero to consistently get value out of. After her shout she’s very squishy and can be ran down or or dove past making her harder to play and get value over other heroes. That is why Junker Queen Decreases to B Tier.


Orisa While still very strong has multiple counter picks making her weaker overall. Zarya just beams through her Abilities and Blocks her damage with bubbles., Winston and Wrecking Ball can all Dive past her and get to her team. However She’s a very solid counter pick against Junker Queen, Reinhardt and Doomfist shutting them down in different ways. That is why Orisa Decreases to B Tier.

C- Bad


Zarya is overall a bad hero in most matchups except for and Orisa. Other then against those 2 heroes she’s a very easy hero to bait down her bubbles and run her down. People also can counter her by just not giving her charge, since she’s too reliant on her charge to deal damage. That is why Zarya increases to C Tier.

F- Horrible


RoadHog after his Mini Rework with his hook and Gun, losing his one shot has become a hero not worth picking at all. Even on his best maps where he can hook people off the map many heroes can easily just get out of it using their mobility abilities. That is why RoadHog decreases to F Tier.


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