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Sigma is a tank hero in Overwatch 2, and his real name is Siebren de Kuiper. He was a brilliant astrophysicist who was renowned for his groundbreaking research in the field of gravity. However, his research took a dangerous turn when he invented a way to harness the power of a black hole. During a catastrophic experiment, the black hole’s energy unleashed a massive explosion that destroyed the facility and caused severe damage to Sigma’s mind.

As a result of the explosion, Sigma gained the ability to manipulate gravity, but also suffered from dissociative identity disorder. This disorder causes him to have multiple personalities that each have their own unique traits and mannerisms.

After the incident, Talon, a nefarious organization in the Overwatch universe, took an interest in Sigma’s abilities and recruited him to be a part of their team. They used him as a weapon in their ongoing conflict with Overwatch, and Sigma was responsible for carrying out many of Talon’s missions.

Sigma’s Abilities

Health: 350
Shield: 200

Hyper Spheres

  • Sigma throws two gravitic charges that bounce off surfaces and explode on impact, dealing damage to enemies within the area of effect.
  • Damage:2 charges per burst, each:
  • 55 direct damage
  • 9 – 30 splash damage
  • 2.25 – 7.5 self damage
  • Projectile speed:50 meters per second
  • Max. range:22 meters
  • Area of effect:3 meter implosion radius
  • Rate of fire:2 shots per 1.5 seconds
  • Ammo:∞
  • Headshot:✕

Experimental Barrier

  • Sigma creates a large shield that he can use to protect himself and his team from incoming attacks. The barrier can be moved by aiming, and it will retract if it sustains too much damage.
  • Health:700
  • Healing: Regenerates 100 barrier health per second, after being down for 2 seconds
  • Projectile speed:16.5 meters per second
  • Max. range: ∞
  • Area of effect:4.5 meters height; 5 meters width at the poles, curves to 7 meters in the middle
  • Casting time:0.08 seconds
  • Cooldown:2 seconds (recall)
  • 5 seconds (destroyed)

Kinetic Grasp

  • Sigma uses his gravitational powers to absorb incoming projectiles and convert them into shields for himself. The more damage he absorbs, the more shields he gains.
  • 60% of damage absorbed is converted to temporary shields (max. 400)
  • Max. range:3 meters
  • Duration:2 seconds + 0.3 s. recovery (gain shields)
  • Cooldown:12 seconds


  • Sigma gathers a mass of debris and flings it at his enemies, dealing significant damage and knocking them down.
  • Damage: 80 direct damage
  • 12 – 40 splash damage
  • 40 impact damage
  • 6 – 20 self-damage
  • Move. speed: -75% penalty
  • Projectile speed:37.5 meters per second
  • Max. range:4 meters knockback (direct)
  • 1 – 2 meters knockback (splash)
  • 2 meters knockback (self)
  • Area of effect:2.5-meter explosion radius
  • Casting time:0.640 seconds
  • Duration: 1.1 seconds knock down
  • Cooldown:10 seconds

 Gravitic Flux

  •  Sigma lifts nearby enemies into the air and slams them back down, dealing massive damage to anyone caught in the area of effect.
  • Damage:50 damage (lift)
  • 50% max HP (slam)
  • Move. speed:7.15 meters per second
  • Max. range:35 meters
  • Area of effect:7 meter radius
  • lifts enemies up to 10.3 meters
  • Duration:Can select area after 0.6 seconds
  • Up to 5 seconds to select the area
  • 1 second (from confirm to suspend)
  • 2 seconds (suspend)
  • After fall damage 0.6 seconds high gravity
  • Ultimate cost:2100 points

Kit positioning

Tank Role:

  • Sigma is a versatile tank hero that can fulfill a variety of roles for his team. As a tank hero, his primary role is to protect his teammates and control the battlefield.

Barrier Tank: 

  • One of Sigma’s primary strengths is his ability to create a large experimental barrier that can be used to protect his team from incoming attacks. This makes him an ideal “barrier tank” that can hold the front line and protect his team from enemy fire.


  • While Sigma can protect his team with his barrier, he also deals a lot of consistent damage to enemies with his Hyper Spheres and Accretion. This makes him a strong “off-tank” since he can peel his teammates while also being able to output damage with his team.

Gravity Manipulator: 

  • Another unique aspect of Sigma’s kit is his ability to manipulate gravity. His Kinetic Grasp lets him absorb incoming projectiles, including ultimates. This helps him cycle between his shield Kinetic Grasp keeping his defensive up time consistently throughout a team fight.

Crowd Control: 

  • Finally, Sigma’s Gravitic Flux ultimate ability is used because of its powerful crowd control and damage in team fights. The ability lifts nearby enemies into the air and slams them back down, dealing 50% of the targets maximum health as damage and leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from Sigma’s teammates.
  • Overall, Sigma’s kit positioning in Overwatch 2 makes him a well-rounded hero that can fill multiple roles in a team. He can protect his team with his barrier and absorb incoming damage with Kinetic Grasp, while also dealing damage with his Hyper Spheres and Accretion. His Gravitic Flux ultimate is also a game-changer in team fights, giving powerful crowd control and damage.

Basic Information

  • Real Name: Siebren de kuiper
  • Age: 62
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Occupation: Astrophysicist
  • Voice actor: Boris Hiestand
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