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Sombra, a nom de guerre belonging to Olivia Colomar, is a Mexican individual skilled in hacking and possessing remarkable clandestine infiltration abilities in the sphere of Overwatch. Her background is veiled in an enigma, and her genuine incentives are frequently unclear. In 2016, Sombra made her initial appearance as a playable character in Overwatch and immediately garnered a devoted following owing to her exclusive gameplay mechanics and captivating backstory.

As indicated by her lore, Sombra was left parentless at a tender age and was constrained to look after herself on the streets. Eventually, she gravitated towards hacking as a method of survival, and her aptitude for it swiftly grabbed the attention of Talon, a dubious organization that endeavors to control the world for its personal benefit. Sombra joined Talon and rapidly became one of their most valuable resources.

Throughout the events depicted in Overwatch, Sombra is frequently observed working alongside Talon to accomplish a variety of tasks, although her authentic loyalties remain shrouded in mystery. She is recognized for her capacity to hack into the enemy’s technology, rendering them ineffective and providing her squad with an edge. Additionally, she can become invisible and teleport short distances, making it challenging for her adversaries to apprehend her.

Sombra’s Abilities

Health: 200


  • Sombra can see enemies with less than half health through walls, making it easier for her to target weakened enemies. Sombra also deals more damage to hacked enemies.
  • Deal 25% more damage to hacked targets.
  • Opportunist detects enemies below 50% health.

Machine Pistol

  •  Sombra’s primary weapon is a fully automatic Machine Pistol with 60 rounds per magazine. The weapon is best used at close to medium range.
  • Damage:2.25–7.5
  • Falloff range:15 to 35 meters
  • Spread angle: Max: 2.16 degrees.
  • Rate of fire:20 rounds per second
  • 0.16 seconds recovery for shoot if stops.
  • Ammo:60
  • Reload time:1.4 seconds animation.
  • Headshot: ✓


  • Sombra’s signature ability is her Hack, which allows her to disable an enemy’s abilities for a very short period of time, including ultimate abilities, and hack health packs to make them respawn faster for her team.
  • Max. range:15 meters
  • Casting time:0.85 seconds + 0.3 s. recovery
  • Duration: Enemies: 8 seconds (1.5s lockout)
  • Health Packs: 45 seconds
  • Other: 10 seconds
  • Cooldown:4 seconds


  • Sombra can enter a form of invisibility, increasing her movement speed. While invisible, she can’t attack, However she can use her hack ability and she can interact with objectives and health packs.
  • Move. speed: +60% buff
  • Area of effect: 4-meter radius (detection)
  • Casting time:0.375 (fade out) – .75 seconds (fade in)
  • Duration: ∞
  • Cooldown:6 seconds


  • Sombra can throw a Translocator that she can teleport to at any time, letting her quickly reposition and flank anytime she wants. The Translocator can be destroyed by enemies, so it needs to be positioned carefully.

  • Health:5
  • Projectile speed:25 meters per second
  • Casting time: instantly for throw + 0.5 s. recovery
  • 0.4 s. invulnerability (translocating)
  • Duration: ∞
  • Cooldown:6 seconds


  •  Sombra’s ultimate ability is the EMP, which is a large area-of-effect blast that hacks all enemies and objects within its range, disabling their abilities and shields for a short time. Emp deals damage to whoever it catches inside it. The EMP also destroys enemy barriers and disables turrets, making it useful for breaking through defenses.
  • Damage:40% of current health as damage to enemies and destroys barriers
  • Area of effect:15 meters
  • Casting time:0.35 second activation + 0.25 second recovery
  • Duration: Same as Hack.
  • Can now Disable Orisa’s and Mei’s Ultimates.
  • Ultimate cost:1400 points

Sombra’s Kit Positioning

Damage Role

  • As a damage hero in Overwatch 2, Sombra is designed to be a stealthy and disruptive hero who can hack enemies, disable their abilities, and pick off vulnerable targets. She excels at disrupting enemy positioning and providing valuable information to her team.

Primary Weapon: Machine Pistol

  • Sombra’s primary weapon is a Machine Pistol that fires rapidly and deals moderate damage at short to medium range. Sombra’s weapon combined with her hacking abilities makes a flanker that is very deadly.

Mobility Ability: Translocator

  • Sombra’s Translocator lets her throw a beacon that she can teleport to whenever she recasts the ability. Translocator is used to get out of any duels that you’re in a disadvantage in and it can be used in combination with EMP.

Utility Ability: Hack

  • Sombra’s Hack disables enemy abilities, while hacking health packs makes them respawn faster and the enemy cannot use them while they’re hacked. Hack can be used to interrupt enemy ultimates and shut down key abilities.

Secondary Ability: Stealth

  • Sombra’s Stealth ability lets her become invisible and move at an increased speed. This ability can be used to flank enemies, set up dives and get around the map easily.

Ultimate Ability: EMP

  • Sombra’s ultimate ability, EMP, launches a powerful electromagnetic pulse that hacks all enemies in a wide area, disabling their abilities and destroying shields for a short time and dealing 40% of their current health as damage. This ability can be used to coordinate a dive or a rush and completely one shot the whole enemy team due to them being fully vulnerable and low hp.
  • Overall, Sombra’s kit positioning as a damage hero emphasizes her stealth and disruption capabilities. Her kit provides her with the ability to hack enemies, disable their abilities, and pick off vulnerable targets, making her a valuable asset in team fights. Sombra requires good communication and coordination with her team to use her abilities effectively, but in the hands of a skilled player, she can turn the tide of a battle and secure victory for her team.

Basic Information

  • Real Name: Olivia Colomar
  • Age: 30
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Occupation: Hacker
  • Voice Actress: Carolina Ravassa

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