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Sojourn’s Cinematic Short

Sojourn is a Canadian hero and a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces. She was introduced to the Overwatch universe in the “Masquerade” comic released in 2017. Sojourn’s real name is Vivian Chase.

In her youth, Sojourn displayed an aptitude for combat, and she was recruited into the Canadian military at a young age. During her time in the military, she became a member of the Canadian Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2), an elite special forces unit that carries out covert operations both in Canada and abroad. Sojourn quickly rose through the ranks and became a squad leader, earning the respect of her fellow soldiers.

After years of service, Sojourn was selected to join Overwatch, an international task force formed to combat the Omnic Crisis. However, before she could officially join the organization, Overwatch was disbanded. Sojourn returned to the Canadian military and continued to carry out special operations.

Sojourn was later introduced again in the animated short “Zero Hour” that was released during BlizzConline 2021.

Sojourn’s Abilities

Health: 200


  • Sojourn’s main weapon that shoots rapid-fire projectiles that build energy. Secondary fire shoots high-impact shots.
  • Damage:9 damage per shot
  • Projectile speed:160 meters per second
  • Rate of fire:14 rounds per second
  • Ammo:45
  • Ammo usage:1
  • Reload time:1.2 seconds
  • Headshot:✓ (2x)

Rail gun Alt fire

  • Shoots a charged up Rail Gun shot that does damage depending on how much energy is charged.
  • Damage:30-130
  • Falloff range:40 – 60 m
  • Area of effect:Up to 0.1 meters (scales with energy)
  • Casting time:~0.6 seconds recovery [verify]
  • Cooldown:None
  • Headshot:✓ (1.5x)

Power Slide

  • Power Slide allows Sojourn to slide along the ground in any direction, similar to Tracer’s Blink ability. You can also use jump at any moment of the slide to get an upwards jump that helps reach highgrounds.
  • Move. speed:14.30 meters per second (horizontal)
  • ? meters per second (vertical)
  • Max. range:~16 meters
  • Cooldown:7 seconds

Disruptor Shot

  • Allows Sojourn to fire an area-of-effect (AoE) orb that damages enemies caught within its field.
  • Damage:60 per second
  • Total: 210
  • Projectile speed:30 meters per second
  • Max. range:30 meters
  • Area of effect:5 meters
  • Duration:4 seconds
  • Cooldown:15 seconds
  • Headshot:✕


  • Sojourn’s Rail gun starts charging without the need to shoot the enemy with primary fire and at a rapid rate, This can help Sojourn unleash a barrage of rail gun shot’s dealing massive damage.

  • Rate of fire:1 seconds for full charge
  • Casting time: ~0.75 seconds recovery [verify]
  • Duration:8 seconds
  • Ultimate cost:2100 points

Kit positioning

Damage Role:

  • As a damage hero, Sojourn is designed to be a versatile and mobile hero who can deal consistent damage to enemies from range. Her kit emphasizes her role as a high-tech soldier who can adapt to any situation and provide valuable support to her team.

Primary Weapon: Railgun

  • Sojourn’s primary weapon is a Railgun that fires projectiles and helps charge her railgun.. This weapon deals significant damage at close to medium range while the alt fire with enough charge can deal a significant amount of damage at any range making her effective at all ranges.

Mobility Ability: Power Slide

  • Power Slide allows Sojourn to quickly move around the map and avoid enemy attacks. Power Slide can also be used as a retreat or a repositioning tool, allowing Sojourn to escape from danger, reach different highgrounds or flank her opponents

Utility Ability: Disruptor Shot

  • This ability allows sojourn to control map space around the map, Like corners and choke points. It can also be used to finish off low health targets.

Ultimate Ability: Overclock

  • Sojourn’s ultimate ability, Overclock, That can be used to fully wipe a team with proper aim and support from teammates such as Nano from ana or Damage Boost from mercy. This ability can be used to turn the tide of a team fight or provide a significant advantage when pushing objectives.
  • Overall, Sojourn’s kit positioning as a damage hero emphasizes her role as a versatile and mobile soldier who can provide valuable support to her team. Her kit provides her with a range of mobility, utility, and damage-dealing tools that can be used strategically to control the battlefield and help her team succeed. Sojourn requires a combination of precise aim and tactical awareness to use her abilities effectively, but in the hands of a skilled player, she can be a valuable asset to any team.

Basic Information

  • Real Name: Vivian Chase
  • Age: Early-Mid 50’s
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Occupation: Infantrywoman (formerly
  • Special Forces operative (formerly)
  • Overwatch captain (formerly)
  • Acting commander (formerly)
  • Voice Actor: Cherise Boothe
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