Season 4 Support Tier List

Season 4 Support Tier List

This is the ranking from the best to worst Support heroes currently during the Season 4 patch. There will be a simple explanation on why each hero is within the category chosen. This is the Season 4 Support Tier List. S- Meta Kiriko Kiriko despite her minor nerfs is still a very solid pick. Her […]


lifeweaver icon overwatch

Overview LifeWeaver is a pansexual support hero with a unique toolkit that’s unlike anything seen before in Overwatch 2. The hero has an ability called Life Grip, which allows the user to shield and pull a teammate to their position. LifeWeaver’s arrival has been highly anticipated by many players and is predicted to shake up […]

Mid-Season 3 Support Tier List

Overwatch 2 Mid-Season 3 Support Tier List

these are the ranking from the best to worst Support heroes currently during the Mid-Season 3 patch. There will be a simple explanation on why each hero is within the category chosen. This is the Mid-Season 3 Support Tier List. S- Tier Kiriko Kiriko is a very mobile and all around very strong due to […]


Zenyatta Icon overwatch 2

Overview Zenyatta is a calm and compassionate character who seeks to promote peace and understanding in the world. He sees the best in people, even those who might be considered his enemies, and believes that everyone has the potential for good. Zenyatta is also a skilled fighter, using his orbs to debuff his enemies and […]


Moira Icon overwatch 2

Overview Moira is a brilliant geneticist who is obsessed with unlocking the secrets of human biology. She is a master of biotic technology, which allows her to manipulate life at the molecular level. Her research involves controversial experimentation on live subjects, which has put her at odds with many of her colleagues. Due to her […]


Mercy icon overwatch 2

Overview Mercy also known as Dr. Angela Ziegler, is a renowned Swiss doctor and scientist who specialized in the field of applied nanobiology. Her research led to the creation of the Valkyrie swift-response suit, which she designed to be used by emergency medical responders. Her suit included features like flight and healing technologies, which later […]


lucio Icon overwatch 2

Overview Lucio is a Brazilian DJ and activist who uses his music to fight for social causes and make the world a better place. In the game, he is a support hero who heals, and speed boosts his teammates, deals damage and crowd control through his boop. Lucio’s backstory is split in different parts in […]


Kiriko Icon overwatch 2

Overview Kiriko is a kunoichi healer who fights with the help of her kitsune spirit. She is also family friend of the Shimada family and was trained by Genji and Hanzo during her younger years. In her backstory, Kiriko is known as the Protector of Kanezaka, a ninja village that was founded by her ancestors. […]


Brigitte Icon overwatch 2

Overview Brigitte’s story within the Overwatch universe is related to her family. Her father, Torbj√∂rn, was one of the original members of Overwatch and helped design some of the organization’s most iconic weapons and armor. Brigitte ended up growing up in the shadow of her father’s accomplishments. However, she was determined to follow in his […]


Baptiste Icon Overwatch 2

Overview Baptiste is a former Talon operative turned combat medic who hails from Haiti. He was orphaned during the Omnic Crisis, and to survive, he joined a gang of criminals, which ultimately led him to work for the notorious Talon organization. However, he eventually grew disillusioned with the group’s violent tactics and left, becoming a […]