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Winston is a character in the popular first-person shooter game Overwatch 2.He is a genetically engineered gorilla who was raised on the Horizon Lunar Colony, a scientific research station on the Moon. As a young gorilla, he was part of a group of genetically enhanced animals that were intended to test the effects of long-term spaceflight on living beings.

However, after a sudden uprising on the station, the gorillas took control and overthrew the human scientists. Winston, who had grown close to one of the scientists named Dr. Harold Winston, was devastated by the events and ultimately decided to escape to Earth in one of the station’s escape pods.

On Earth, Winston was taken in by a human named Dr. Harold Winston’s former assistant, a woman named Dr. Athena. She became Winston’s caretaker and helped him learn about the world he had never known. After much investigation, Winston stumbled upon a revelation that the defunct Overwatch organization was imperative in the face of escalating menaces to worldwide safety. Such perils have become increasingly pervasive and complex in nature, necessitating the reestablishment of the Overwatch entity to contain and neutralize these emergent threats.

Winstons Abilities

Health: 350
Armor: 200

Tesla Cannon

  • Winston’s primary weapon is a Tesla Cannon, which fires a short-range burst of electricity that damages all enemies within its cone.
  • The Tesla Cannon deals damage to multiple enemies at once, making it useful for taking out groups of enemies or disrupting enemy formations.

  • Damage:60 per second
  • Max. range:8 meters
  • Area of effect:6 meter width
  • Ammo:100
  • Ammo usage:20 rounds per second
  • Reload time:1.7 seconds animation
  • Headshot: ✕


  • launches a medium range electric beam after being held.
  • Damage:15-50
  • Max. range:30 meters
  • Rate of fire:1.2 seconds for full charge
  • Ammo usage:12
  • Headshot:✕

Jump Pack

  • Winston can leap into the air and land at a targeted location with his Jump Pack ability.
  • The Jump Pack can be used for mobility, allowing Winston to quickly traverse the map or reach higher vantage points.
  • The Jump Pack also deals damage and knocks back enemies in a small radius when Winston lands, making it a useful offensive tool as well.
  • Damage:1-50
  • Damage radius before falloff begins at 1.3 meters
  • Area of effect:5 meters
  • Cooldown:5 seconds

Barrier Projector

  • Winston can deploy a barrier that projects a bubble shield around himself and nearby teammates.
  • The Barrier Projector provides cover and protection from enemy fire, allowing Winston and his teammates to safely walk up or hold a position.
  • The Barrier Projector doesn”t last throughout the whole ability’s cooldown and has a health pool, so it’s important for Winston to use it with that in mind.

  • Health: 650
  • Area of effect:5 meter radius
  • Casting time:0.12 seconds (can’t be canceled by enemy)
  • Duration:8 seconds
  • Cooldown:12 seconds

Primal Rage

  • Winston’s ultimate ability is Primal Rage, which causes him to become enraged and gain increased health, mobility, and melee attack power.
  • During Primal Rage, Winston can jump higher, move faster, and knock back enemies with his melee attacks.
  • Primal Rage also restores Winston’s health to full, making it a useful defensive tool for surviving in a tough situation.

  • Health:850 health, 200 armor
  • Damage:40 per swing
  • Move. speed:+30% buff
  • 23 meters per second (booped target)
  • Max. range:4 meter swings
  • Rate of fire:1 swing per 0.656 seconds
  • Casting time:0.5 seconds animation
  • 0.224 seconds initial swing
  • Duration:10 seconds
  • Headshot:✕
  • Ultimate cost:1850 points

Kit positioning

Tank Role

  • Winston is a tank hero in Overwatch 2, designed to absorb damage and protect his team.

Disruptive Playstyle

  • Winston’s kit is designed for a disruptive playstyle, with abilities that allow him to jump into enemy lines and disrupt their formation.

Close-Range Combat

  • Winston’s Tesla Cannon is a short-range weapon, making him effective at close-range combat.

Mobile Positioning

  • Winston’s Jump Pack ability allows him to move quickly and position himself in advantageous spots on the map.

Team Protector

  • Winston’s Barrier Projector provides protection for himself and his team, making him an effective protector in team fights.
  • Overall, Winston’s kit positioning in Overwatch 2 emphasizes his role as a tank hero with a disruptive playstyle. He is effective at close-range combat and mobile positioning, and provides protection for his team with his Barrier Projector. Players who enjoy playing as a tank hero with a focus on disruption and mobility may find Winston to be a good fit for their playstyle.

Basic Information

  • Real Name: Winston
  • Age: 29
  • Occupation: Test subject (formerly)
  • Scientist
  • Adventurer
  • Voice actor: Crispin Freeman
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