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Aleksandra Zaryanova, who is widely known as Zarya, is a Russian national who comes from a small village outside Krasnoyarsk. Her formative years were marked by a tumultuous period of political unrest. Tragically, her parents were killed during the Omnic Crisis, a global conflict that embroiled robots and humans alike. In response to this tragedy, Zarya made a solemn vow to enlist in the military, in order to safeguard her beloved motherland against future threats.

As a testament to her unwavering commitment to the cause, Zarya rapidly ascended the ranks of the Russian military, culminating in her appointment to a highly specialized unit charged with the responsibility of protecting the nation from the Omnic scourge. During her tenure, Zarya distinguished herself for her extraordinary feats of physical prowess, as well as her ability to take on a multitude of adversaries simultaneously. Moreover, she garnered a reputation for her steadfast loyalty to her compatriots and her country, which has become the stuff of legend.

Zarya’s Abilities



  • Damage that’s blocked by Zarya’s barriers increases her Particle Cannon damage. This scales depending on Zarya’s Energy level. (0-100)

Particle Cannon

  • Zarya’s primary weapon is the Particle Cannon, a powerful energy weapon that fires a continuous beam.
  • The Particle Cannon has two modes of fire: a short-range beam and a long-range explosive projectile.

Primary fire

  • Damage:85 per second (at 0%)
  • 170 per second (at 100%)
  • Max. range:15 meters
  • Area of effect:0.15 meter beam width
  • Rate of fire:20 rounds per second
  • Ammo:100
  • Reload time:1.5 seconds animation
  • Headshot:✕


  • Damage:Enemy: 9.4-47 (at 0%)
  • Enemy: 19-95 (at 100%)
  • Self: 4.7-23.5 (at 0%)
  • Self: 9.5-47.5 (at 100%)
  • Move. speed:+5 meters per second (enemy after direct hit)
  • Projectile speed:25 meters per second
  • Area of effect:2.5 meter radius (explosion)
  • 0.2 meter radius (projectile)
  • Rate of fire:1 second recovery
  • 0.5 seconds recovery for primary
  • Ammo:100
  • Ammo usage:25 rounds per shot
  • Reload time:1.5 seconds animation
  • Headshot: ✕

Particle Barrier

  • Zarya’s first ability is the Particle Barrier, a personal shield that provides her with temporary protection.
  • The Particle Barrier absorbs incoming damage and increases the strength of Particle Cannon as it absorbs damage

  • Health:200
  • Area of effect:1.5 meter radius
  • Duration:2 seconds
  • Cooldown:10 seconds

Graviton Surge

  • Zarya’s Ultimate ability is called Graviton Surge, which creates a gravity well that pulls in enemies within a certain radius
  • Graviton Surge is considered one of the most powerful ultimates in the game when used correctly, as it can trap entire enemy teams and set up game-winning plays.
  • However, it is important to use Graviton Surge wisely and communicate with your team to ensure maximum effectiveness, as it can be countered by certain hero abilities like Zenyatta’s Transcendence or D.Va’s Defense Matrix
  • Damage:Impact: 5
  • Damage over time: 5 per second, up to 17.5
  • Projectile speed:25 meters per second
  • Area of effect:6 meter radius (gravity)
  • 0.2 meter radius (projectile)
  • Casting time:Instant + 0.4 s. recovery
  • Duration:3.5 seconds
  • Ultimate cost:2270 points

Zarya’sKit positioning

Tank Role

  • Zarya is a tank hero in Overwatch, designed to protect her team and deal high damage.

Barrier Management

  • Zarya’s kit focuses on barrier management, with her Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier giving a bubble for herself and teammates while also increasing her damage output when the bubble is shot at.

Energy Management

  • Zarya’s Particle Cannon does more damage depending on her energy level, making energy management a major part of her gameplay. She can also use her Graviton Surge to gather enemies in one place for maximum damage.

Team Synergy

  • Zarya’s kit is designed to work well with her team, as her barriers give protection, and her Graviton Surge can set up strong combos with other heroes’ ultimates and abilities.
  • Overall, Zarya’s kit positioning in Overwatch focuses on her role as a tank hero who excels at both protecting her team and dealing high damage. Players who enjoy a strategic playstyle with a focus on team synergy may find Zarya to be a good fit for their team.

Basic Information

  • Real Name: Aleksandra Zaryanova (Александра Зарянова)
  • Age: 28
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Occupation: Soldier
  • Voice actor: Dolya Gavanski
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